Paul’s Thorn and the Use of Spiritual Gifts

Was Paul’s thorn in the flesh

Composed of sickness or disease?

Persecution? Disability?

A cough that made him wheeze?


This much we know: a messenger of Satan

 brought the thorn.

Should we accept such messages

 or laugh them all to scorn?


Jesus sometimes cast out

spirits of infirmity

if somebody was suffering.

He healed them all for free.


He said those who believed

“will do the exact same things as me.”

If Paul’s thorn was as illness,

Jesus had the remedy.


As he told the suffering apostle,

“My grace is your key.

I make my power perfect in

Your weakness, don’t you see?


“In James it says resist the devil

And he has to flee.

But you can’t fight him on your own.

You must rely on me.”


So, if Paul’s thorn was an illness,

   He had grace to fight it.

God gave him power to resist,

   But how did he ignite it?


For grace comes to the humble,

Not to those who walk in pride.

  To keep his ego small,

 Paul’s thorn was stuck into his hide.


 To rid himself of it,

I think he had to bend his knee

And have the Jesus people

Pray for him to be set free.


“For you are all Christ’s body,”

He had told them.

“You’re the church.

  When someone has a problem,

  You don’t leave them in the lurch.


  One has a word of knowledge,

Some have faith for miracles,

Another has a wisdom word

To give to cure my ills.


I’m not a super Christian,

I need all of your support.

Don’t anybody hide their light,

Don’t anyone fall short.


Combine your gifts, united stand,

Let each one have a turn.

It’s time, the vision to fulfill

For which our Lord does yearn.


 Let all divisive thorns be scorned

As sister works with brother,

Fulfilling Jesus’ words

To love and honor one other.