Repent and be Reconciled

You can’t be reconciled to someone if there’s no repentance.

To repent means to turn, face the one you have offended.

Admit that you’ve done wrong, that your actions were a sin.

Be willing to change course and you will find peace within.


There is no other strategy for being reconciled,

Just as you cannot reason with an animal that’s wild.

You must let go your pride and be humble like a child.

Accept the sacrifice of the One who has no guile.


“Forgive them for they know not what they do,” our good Lord said,

As on the cross he died. For our sins vilest sins, He bled.

But saying that you have no sin, declaring it’s no vice

Is to partake in vain of Jesus’ holy sacrifice.


His blood shed on the cross won’t help if you say you don’t need it,

Just as His Word to you will do no good unless you heed it.

So, turn from arrogance and from your stubborn ways be parted,

For God resists the stiff-necked but he heals broken-hearted.

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