Punished More Than Once for His Good Deeds

King Ahab worshipped idols and brought famine to the land.

Elijah prayed “No rain,” but people didn’t understand.

The prophets back then knew that it was God withholding rain,

But Jez’bel’s goons declared those true reports to be insane.


They said if everybody pulled together, they’d be fine,

While blaming natural causes for this circumstance divine.

The lack of food and water caused some people to get sick,

But Jez’bel said she’d fix that. “My health plan will do the trick!”


So, people ran to doctors and used other human means

To keep from starving for the lack of water, bread and beans.

Yet many of them perished, for there were no signs and wonders.

They needed miracles but all they got were human blunders.


Six months and three years later it was time to end all that.

So, Elijah held a contest and he took them to the mat.

“You trust the Lord to save you, but for other needs trust Baal.

To try to serve two masters is like being locked in jail.”


“Which lord is God? Whom can you trust? Which one will send the rain?”

Who holds the power in His hands, your being to sustain?

But no one answered, so a test of fire was declared.

Each side prepared a sacrifice for which no lengths were spared.


The Baal guys slaughtered their bull and they set no fire to it.

But no one answered. Then it was Elijah’s turn to do it.

God sent the fire in spite of all the water he poured on it.

“The Lord is God!” the people cried. “Those Baal guys stink, doggone it!”


Baal’s army was defeated. Yet to prove themselves they sought.

“Fear not, I’ll save you from them!” said Elijah and he fought.

Soon there was no one left, but as he felt the crowd disperse,

He saw that few stood with him. Had their mindsets gotten worse?


No “Thank you” to the man of God who rescued them that day

Or for the rain that came, God’s sovereign orders to obey.

Elijah stood alone as Jez’bel’s messenger drew near.

She threatened death to God’s own man. Elijah felt the fear.


He ran, the story says, and that is what he’s famous for.

The human weakness into which he caved, we can’t ignore.

So, punished once by Jezebel, by the reader punished twice,

His reputation ruined. Who now heeds his sage advice?


His one mistake we love to take and rake him ‘cross the coals,

Delighting in backbiting and in bad opinion polls.

So much for focusing on this man’s bold, persistent prayer!

It’s easier to criticize and wallow in despair.


But who among us has the guts to do the same as he,

Forget what people think, step out in faith deliberately,

And trust God to do miracles? We know faith is the key.

Though persecution follow, which it will with certainty.

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