For Him to Regain Sanity: Christ’s Compassion

He longed to regain sanity,

But knew not what to do.

Meanwhile, confusion ruled his brain

As he sat on the pew.


Confused, bewildered, and condemned

Describes how he did feel:

Tossed too, and buffeted for sure,

Like a fish hooked on a reel


He longed to regain sanity,

But didn’t have a clue

As to how to stop the torment

While he sat there on the pew.


The man, in fact, felt pulled

By strict demands upon his time,

Similarly to a puppet stringed

With no reason or rhyme.


Each string pulls on an unhealed hurt

Lodged deep inside his past.

To shake the shame off, he lets loose

A violent verbal blast.


“I wasn’t wrong!” he argues.

“I was right to act that way!”

“Stop telling me what I must do.

You can’t make me obey!”


Regrettably, despite his rant,

Fear still tugs at his mind

And consequently keeps him bound

As he seeks to unwind.


Then sings a higher voice,

“Oh, you who know not what you do,

Behold my blood-stained brow.

By thorns punctured just for you.


“I let myself be blindfolded and

Treated shamefully.

Furthermore, they plucked my beard.

Men hit and spat at me.”


“Confusion mocked my pain

As men who changed truth for a lie

Heaped insults on my head

And ordered me to prophecy.


“And as I hung upon that cross,

Engulfed in misery,

I felt abandoned and alone.

God had forsaken me.


“But though it didn’t make much sense,

That’s how it had to be.

Your heartache I took on myself,

That you might be set free.


“It isn’t yours to carry,

For I’ve risen from the dead.

Recall that you’re my body

And that I, Christ, am your head.


“So, cast your sorrows onto me,

Along with every strife,

And finally you’ll have the joy

That brings eternal life.”


Above all, if you would be sane,

Then place your faith in me,

The one who gave His life for you

So sacrificially.


Then ask me to provide your needs

And I’ll supply them all,

Because I can do anything

Whether great or small.


In conclusion, yield your life to me

And gain a mind that’s sound.

By so doing, in good mental health

You surely shall abound.

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