Whatever Happened to Civility?

Let me begin by expressing some civility. Ahem.

Grace and peace to all who happen by this site and read this article, regardless of whether or not it lines up with your views. We all could use some more civility, I believe, especially on social media, where some people let loose like volcanoes at anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Hot-button political issues have a way of setting off hidden landmines, so please tread carefully as you forge ahead.

Let me start by saying I am glad Obama has an “ex” before his title. As far as I’m concerned, he never was my president. (It felt so good to say that!) He didn’t value what I valued and he didn’t speak for me. I absolutely hated the policies he pushed. He was not my president. Nevertheless, I didn’t protest his inauguration. I didn’t scream, yell or picket because I don’t believe that is God’s way of doing things. But although I didn’t consider Obama my president, I still prayed for him (from a safe distance, I might add).

I am delighted that Trump wants to end Obama’s mandatory health care plan. The reason I hate – yes, hate – the plan is that to me it’s not pro-life and it’s certainly not pro-choice. It is a mandate, and – with all due respect – no one tells me what to do with my body. You cannot force me to go to a doctor, get shots, take prescription drugs, or to sign up for a medical plan I do not want. Yes, I realize there are some people who love that plan, but I do not, so please respect my views. Socialism is a “medicine” I don’t want shoved down my throat.

I’d much rather have help getting some sort of job I’m good at because it’s not easy reentering the workforce after so many years spent raising a family. And no, I do not wish to sell cosmetics. I would much prefer a job that involves some sort of language or linguistic work, or writing. I also do portraits, book illustrations, an occasional wall mural, etc. Most jobs these days, however, require  education in the form of skills I do not have, though I am working to acquire new skills – like animation, which I may need in order to create a video trailer for my book. Maybe more than one video trailer.

All these things cost money, however. Unfortunately, when I quit my job to raise a family I didn’t realize that my husband and I would one day end up with the equivalent of two mortgages. Thanks a lot, Obama. The year you were elected was the year we bought that awful rental property with the idea of fixing it up to sell. Then the housing market tanked and now we have another rental property we don’t want. Worst birthday present in the world, but God can work good out of any situation.

He can even work miracles through the loss of freedoms our country has been experiencing. Yes, my friends, the thought police have been out in full force these past few years. If they haven’t rampaged through your neighborhood yet, they most certainly will. Beware! Anything we say can be used against us, but that doesn’t mean we should remain silent on important issues. Yes, I know, it’s hard these days because no matter what you say you’re bound to offend someone. Even Jesus offended many people, and He was perfect! How then can we – Christian or non-Christian – avoid offending people?

Wouldn’t it just be nice if everybody used more tact?

Speaking of tact – or fact, if you will, Trump was not my first choice for president, but he’s in office now. So, as a Christian I will respect him even when I disagree with his policies. Once again I’m not going to scream, yell or picket. Once again I’m going to pray for him. I’m going to pray for wisdom,  pray for peace, and pray for an end to the riots. Yes, I know. Violent protests have become the latest rage, but I hate violence and looting, breaking windows, and vandalizing stores. It’s illegal and those who do those things should be caught and prosecuted. What they’re doing isn’t right. There, I said it.

Call me crazy, but I hate destruction. I want peace – true peace, and I value human life – no matter the sex, race, age, or religious preference. (I’m sure the thought police will gladly rake me over the coals for failing to add a category to that list)

I mean, whatever happened to prayer? Whatever happened to forgiving those who hurt you? And whoever twisted Philippians 4:19 to read “Man shall supply all your needs, and if he doesn’t, then make him pay!”?

Whatever happened to civility?

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