Super Hero House of Healing, Part II

Janice couldn’t bear to look at her friend’s emaciated form. “We have to wake her up.” She reached out a hand to touch her friend, but the doctor stopped her.

“No, what Eagle Girl needs right now is rest,” he said. “She needs calm, she needs peace. Can’t you see she has worn herself out with work? The dark circles beneath her eyes say it all. If we force her to get up and move around before she’s ready, she may fall prey to the deadly I-Must-Prove-Myself Syndrome and all our efforts to heal her will be in vain.”

Cynthia gasped. “Oh, yes! I know about that disease! She has had it before, and so have I.”

The doctor nodded. “Then you know how deadly it can be.”

“She has tried so hard to save people, she has neglected her own needs,” said Janice. “And I’m afraid she bit off more than she could chew this last time. The moment she heard about the Bad News Media Feeding Frenzy down in Black-and-Blue Valley, she flew off immediately to intervene. She wanted to talk sense to the reporters and put an end to the riots. I understand a huge battle took place down there. ‘Dog-eat-dog,’ they called it.”

“We warned her not to go there alone,” added Cynthia. ‘You must protect yourself,’ we said. ‘At least eat something before you go.’ But she was in too much of a hurry to listen to us.”

“Obviously, deeper issues are involved here,” said the doctor. “It sounds like Eagle Girl is hungry for a listening ear.”

“Maybe that’s because her big brother Iron Guy is so opinionated,” said Janice. “He dominates every conversation and never lets you get a word in edgewise.”

“There’s more to it than that,” said Cynthia. “I can tell. Every time he comes by for a visit, she clams up. When we try to talk to her about it, she goes on a hunger strike.”

“Whatever he did to her, she needs to forgive him,” said Janice.

“Yes, I know,” said the doctor. “But with the condition she’s in right now, you can’t just tell her to stop being mad at Iron Guy. That’s too pat of an answer because it doesn’t get to the heart of the matter, which has to do with why she’s angry with him. Guilt may be involved. Shame may play a role. Before she can forgive him, she may have to forgive herself – of what, she might not even know, because the poison called False Accusation has greatly confused matters.”

“One time she told me she felt as if the entire world was against her,” said Janice. “But she felt guilty for saying that and took it back. I could tell she was in pain, but she was fighting it.”

“When we found her, she had no strength left. That’s why we brought her here to the Super Hero House of Healing,” said Cynthia.

“Are you going to get her something to eat?” asked Janice. Eagle Girl looked so gaunt. She needed nourishment.

“She is getting something to eat, because these green pastures are feeding her,” said the doctor. “They’re supernatural, you know. As she rests on that blanket, vital nutrients are soaking into her skin. She is receiving comfort. She is receiving grace. The glory on which her back rests will shield her. Do you see the color returning to her cheeks? She is starting to feel loved. In time, she will get up and you can give her something to eat. I have written up a meal plan to help start her on the road to recovery. So, relax. The manager here has done the work. He paid for her healing. So there’s no rush. We’re going to take this one day at a time.”





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