Tongues Shall Cease, She Said

“Tongues shall cease,” she said. “True prophecy shall pass away.

If you need a miracle, then this is not your day.

But I have knowledge to impart, deception to increase.

I’ve human wisdom to exalt and potions to release.”


And so, through lies, through violence, and by means of poisoned pen,

The witch slew many prophets and she silenced righteous men.

Of others, she made eunuchs, shriveled trees that bore no fruits,

Stripped of spiritual authority, though clad in Sunday suits.


Throughout her reign, the people mourned, ears famished for good news.

While false prophets the airwaves conquered, singing bitter blues.

“The church has died. The time of wondrous signs has passed away.

You don’t believe in God? Well, join the club. That’s A-Okay.”


“For we have knowledge to impart, with miracles of science

Combined with a big dose of good old-fashioned self-reliance.

It’s Mother Nature’s best, a plethora of herbal cures,

A human health care system whose longevity endures.”


With subtle lies they hid the truth. But look who did arise!

Elijah challenged Baal and did the right thing in God’s eyes.

A contest would be held. Each side would make a sacrifice.

The God who rained down fire would rule, no need to think twice.


The idol worshipers prepared their bull and cried all day,

But got no answer for the many words they tried to pray.

They cut and slashed themselves, yet still their god refused to hear.

Somehow their self-inflicted pain fell far short of his ear.


Their frantic frenzy must have been a wonder to behold.

In contrast, God’s true prophet stayed as calm as he was bold.

He made it even “harder” for a miracle to take place,

By pouring water on his bull. Oh, what a bucket race!


Then at the designated time, Elijah made his prayer,

Requesting God to hear and turn the people from despair,

That like a branch they might be grafted back into the vine.

When suddenly the fire fell, it was a flame divine.


God still does miracles today, at the right time and place.

All He asks is that we pray and seek His gracious face.

The promise is “Abide in Christ and much fruit you will bear.

Believe His Word and say ‘No’ to the spirit of despair.”


To do God’s will and speak His words is always the best choice,

So, don’t let Jezebel or Ahab put to death your voice.

Instead of hearing them, let Jesus cleanse you with His Word.

Be willing to take risks, remembering the truths you’ve heard.











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