To Walk in the Miraculous is a Humbling Thing

Picture twelve men weathering a storm by boat at night,

The wind and waves against them, there’s no victory in sight.


Then suddenly appears a light. They cry “Oh no, a ghost!”

Methinks this crew hath zero bravery of which to boast.


“Fear not, ‘tis I,” their Savior says. Thank God, what sweet relief!

Though cold and battered, they’ll survive. But their reprieve is brief,


Because that show-off Peter simply has to rock the boat.

“If it is you, Jesus,” he says, “Then make my feet to float.”


“Come,” Jesus says, and urges him to step over the brink.

The others seem to think Pete’s crazy. What if he should sink?


“There goes old ‘Name it, claim it,’” I can almost hear them say.

“He acts like he’s ‘all that.’ He’s getting so carried away!”


“In his thirst for signs and wonders, Peter has gone overboard.

We’re not sure it’s the smartest way for him to serve the Lord.


It seems he took that ‘Follow me’ command too literally.”

One thing’s for sure. They’re not about to join him on that sea.


While Judas clasps the money bag (can’t let the coins get soaked),

The others stay inside the boat, their motives safely cloaked.


No fear of looking foolish, nobody will see them fall.

Their pride likely remains unscathed. They do not “miss the ball.”


Not that they tried to hit it, no one’s really keeping score.

But obviously, from their “perch,” Pete’s flaws they can’t ignore.


Through Christ he walks in miracles, but boisterous waves and wind

Discourage him. He starts to doubt. It’s plain to see he sinned.


It seems this “charismatic” man of dubious renown

Has made a fatal error, and now he’s about to drown.


Then He calls to Jesus, who extends a hand of grace.

He will do the same for us if we will seek His face.


He says we’ll do the same works He does if we will believe,

But if we don’t step out in faith, then how can we receive?


If you want to see a miracle, then you must take a risk,

Though others remain silent, shake their heads, or say “Tsk, tsk.”


Their viewpoints do not matter if they’re safe inside the ship.

So, keep eyes on Jesus, for He will  not let you slip.


Yes, it’s sure to humble you, but in that there’s no shame,

Because, though you might make mistakes, you’ve glorified His name.


If you could do it perfectly, you might get into pride.

To save you from such things is the reason that Christ died.


He wants you walking in His power. His gifts are for today.

All you have to do is simply listen and obey.









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