Writing to Delight And Find Fresh Insight

I Delight to Write

I write to delight, with puns I hope are fun, though they might not be for everyone.

I think Bible stories are great, but I do not care to debate

The ins and outs of every single one. Although not every Bible tale is fun,

I try to glean some humor when all’s done.

Yet each event adds to the mystery that makes up mankind’s history.

And that is why I know I’m still not done digging into this great treasure I have “won.”

The Bible Inspires Me

Fresh insights from the Bible may lead to revival,

When grace freely received the day has won.

It leads to peace and joy for everyone.

When writing is a chore, it becomes a giant bore

That everybody wishes to ignore.

So, give yourself some grace when you come in  second place.

Recall who won the race and who it’s for.

Although you may have done wrong, in Christ you can stand strong.

Not grave but brave, you know that you belong.


A Reason to Laugh

Do you have a sensation that leads to condemnation?

Then cheer up and tune in to revelation.

Because, although God’s law shows up our every flaw,

In Jesus Christ there’s joy, that we might stand in awe.

To rest in His finished work we must be careful not to shirk,

For His words give life that pull us from the murk.

If your life has become a blur, a merry heart is a sure cure.

If you’ve been groaning all day long, His joy can make you strong.

 For though the wicked get uptight, God is sure to win the fight.

 They try to hard to break His yoke, but it ends up as a joke.

To think they can fight God and win is like a wobbly rolling pin

Knocking hoodlums off a hill

                                                                   When they stand against God’s will.

It simply doesn’t pay, the LORD to disobey,

But when we do, we can find grace if we’ll take time to seek His face

    And let Him turn us from our sin.  That is the only way to win.


Scriptures: Proverbs 17:22, Nehemiah 8:10, Psalm 2:1-4






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